Why city games?

Because we love games and our city! We were looking for a way to make visiting and sightseeing Gdańsk more interesting. Finally we figured it out and created an urban game that connects walking around the town with trivias, fun and competition.

You are equipped with a map, a set of helpful stuff and a specialization sheet. While you delve into the game you search for the answers in the city and look for information hidden inside envelopes. Every team will face various challenges and puzzles that lead to the finish line. Once you reach the goal, it will be revealed who got the treasure and all the fame from it.

Let's begin your scavenger hunt!


Choose a game

Hevelius' Treasure

City game on a tablet

The treasure had been lost over 340 years ago. The first clue that leads to it was found in 2007.
Solve the astronomer's puzzles and find precious artifact.
And maybe an eternal life?

The Great Expedtion

A family city game

Young Jan Heweliusz is preparing for a journey to the lands inhabited by the Celts centuries ago.
Travel in time to the year 1637, face the challenges and become a part of the crew.

Who is Jan Hevelius?

1611 - 1687

Jan Hevelius was a famous citizen of Gdańsk (Danzig). He was well known not only for his great contributions to the astronomy but also as a brewer. He was deeply interested in discovering all about the Moon and has mapped all its surface using a telescope he constructed himself. He received permission to print publications from king Jan Kazimierz. It allowed him to publish his masterpieces and changing the astronomy of his time.
There is a statue of him in the Old Town.



997 - today

The capital of amber, a Hanseatic city, The Free City of Gdańsk, a jewel (or rather an amber) of Baltic Sea. Gdańsk is over 1000 years old and has a very rich history: fires, plagues, sieges, floods and riots but also developments in medicine, beautiful architecture, a cultural center of the region and excellent beer.

Walking along streets of Gdańsk you can notice the imprint of history on the townhouses and churches. You are under the impression that the past and present interlace with each other around every corner as Gdańsk is Long and Wide.

It’s hard not to fell in love in this great city.


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