Into the plot…

It's 1637. Johann Hewelcke is preparing for a great expedition to the lands previously inhabited by the Celts. He is gathering a crew for the cruise and expedition. He needs sophisticated specialists therefore he prepared a set of challenges and puzzles to determine if the people who are eager to join him will eventally embark on his ship "Ariadna".

Is your team ready to face the challenges?


The form of the game and why...

Because we love games and our city! Urban games seems to be the best way to show people around the city of Gdańsk and make it interesting - especially for the youth. Our city game lets you explore the city like never before - you get to know trivias about Gdańsk, have fun and a little bit of competition. Your team receives a map, a list from Johann Hevelcke and a bag full of necessary props. En route you meet various characters who give you tasks and show you the way. Your answers will determine if you have what it takes to join the crew of "Ariadna".

Let's begin your Scavenger Hunt!


Where do you begin?

Gdańsk, Świętopełk's Park

Once you book a game, go to Park Świętopełka, where you meet with Sieslav von Enden who will introduce you to the story. You will get the necessary equipment and the map.


What you should know


15€ - adult, 10€ - children up to 15 years old. Kids up to 3 years old play for free.


To schedule the time & date, use the form below.

Group size

From 2 to 5 players per team. Multiple teams possible.

For whom

There are no age restrictions for this city game :)
Stroller friendly - no stairs.


The game requires you to look around the old town and solve a number of riddles.


Game lasts for 1,5 hour.

Book the game

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