Into the plot…

Long time ago Jan Hevelius, an astronomer who lived in Gdańsk has come across a treasure that was told to prolong life and bring health and fortune. When the astronomer died, the treasure was lost in mysterious circumstances and forgotten for over three centuries.

After all this time, we have found a first clue that can lead you to discovering it...


The form of the game and why...

Because we love games and our city! We were looking for a way to make visiting and sightseeing Gdańsk more interesting. Finally we figured it out and created an urban game that connects walking around the town with knowledge, fun and competition. In order to discover the treasure you are equipped with a tablet where we put scans of Hevelius' diary leading you to the treasure. You also receive a set of helpful stuff: a map, a notepad, a pencil, and a specialization sheet. While you delve into the game you search for the answers in the city and look for information hidden inside envelopes.

Let's begin your scavenger hunt!


Where do you begin?

Gdańsk, Zbytki Street 17c

Once you book the game, we meet up in the park near Zbytki Street 17c in Gdańsk. You are then introduced to the game and the plot. We give you the scavenger hunt package and you are off to solve riddles around the Old Town. We will meet again at the finish line!


What you should know


The cost per person is 25€.
It includes materials and an entrance tickets.


To schedule the time & date, use the form below.

Group size

From 2 up to 4 players per team.
Multiple teams possible.

For whom

Designed for adults and children aged 15+


The game requires you to look around the old town and solve a number of riddles.


You should reserve 2,5 hours of time to fully enjoy the game.

Book the game

Fill in the form. We will contact you with the details.